Rock Creek Counseling
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How can I help you?

Let's work together to get you some relief.

I offer individual, couples and group therapy. I listen, ask questions, and provide practical strategies to help make your life work better. I have experience working in a wide range of areas, including stress, depression and anxiety; the challenges of pregnancy and a new baby; difficult life decisions; issues related to bereavement; and creating and maintaining healthy relationships.

My goal is getting YOU what you need. There is absolutely no pressure to work with me for any set period of time. For example, some couples come in for help in making a difficult decision, and only need several sessions to support their process.

Many of my clients are people seeking therapy for the first time. Come on in! I love to create a safe space and welcoming atmosphere.

Chana makes sure that her services individually fit you. That’s what makes her unique. You can see her dedication in all the work Chana does.
— Nicole